New Media Design

The New Media Design class offers students to explore traditional design topics from layout to composition to imagery and typography while building a foundational knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud. I chose this class because I have always been interested in design. I had never really done anything like this before, so I was kind of scared. This class was a challenge for me, but I learned a lot from it and enjoyed every second. Throughout this class, I learned things from UX design to client communication to photography. I learned how to work with multiple programs within the Adobe Creative Suite like Adobe XD, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Here is some of the work that I did throughout the class!

Every week I did a design journal to showcase what I had learned in the class. I posted them on Behance right here!

The first thing I worked with was Adobe XD. I worked for my client-partner to make logos and a mobile, iPad, and desktop website mock-up. Here is my work for that project!

I used Illustrator to make some logos. Here are a few examples of what I have done!

With Photoshop I learned a lot of the tools and how to work with them. Not only did I learn how to work in Photoshop, I learned more about taking the perfect photo. For a few weeks, I actively took photos and practiced my skills. Here is some of the work I did!