New Media Capstone

For this course, students work together to build new media solutions that address specific client problems. Students use all of the skills they have gained throughout the certificate journey to develop, design, and debut their projects at the end of the semester.

For my capstone project, I worked with a team of 5 who were tasked to create augmented reality (AR) filters for the University of Georgia’s gymnastics team, the GymDogs, Instagram. We worked directly with Lijah Galas, the GymDog’s creative services and social media coordinator, to create filters that would help recruit gymnasts and build fan experience. We were the second team assigned to work on this project and expand on the work that they did but take our filters to a new level.

Since I am a journalism major, I served as the Content Coordinator for our team, primarily handling the research, written text, and some design aspects of the project. Specifically, I focused on the exploratory research, user research, UX map, and presentations. I also used the design and coding skills that I learned throughout the certificate when creating our logos and putting together our visual design guide website. All of these assignments are viewable on our project website linked below.

This project gave me a better understanding of working with a small team for an extended period of time and also working directly with a client. Although we were making something for a client and had to keep consistency with the GymDog’s brand, it still gave us the chance to use our creative skills and experiment a little.

Our team, GymDogs Experience 2.0, created three AR filters and multiple static filters for the GymDog’s Instagram. We hope that future NMI teams will also be able to develop more AR filters for their Instagram and have just as much fun as we did! Please visit our project website to learn more and go to the GymDogs Instagram filter tab to try out some cool filters!