New Media Certificate Work

The New Media Institute at the University of Georgia provides students with the chance to explore new media technologies and learn how to apply them in each student’s chosen career field. As we progress through the New Media Certificate, UGA’s largest certificate program, students gain knowledge through a variety of hands-on and immersive courses.

I began my New Media Certificate journey my sophomore year of college ready to learn and better my web development and technological skills. As I am finishing my time at the New Media Institute, I can see how much progress I have made. I went into the certificate a little scared and did not have much knowledge about technology, but through my classes, I have only grown. All of my classes provided a great base for many concepts that I have continued to use throughout my classes and projects in my college career.

The two classes that I feel really impacted my knowledge were new media productions and new media design. There was a lot of work put into my projects in these classes and I definitely struggled at times, but it was all worth it as I have and still am using all those skills in the work I do.

In the final class of the certificate, New Media Capstone, I was put into a team of 5 to create augmented reality Instagram filters. This project-based class truly showed how much I have learned in the certificate. I had to apply many of the skills I learned to the projects while also combining them with the work I am going to do in my career field. HTML, Bootstrap, and graphic design are just a few examples of the skills that I used throughout this class.

The New Media Certificate has definitely changed the way I think about technology. I used to be scared to use and learn these technologies and programs, but now I am only excited to learn more and apply them to my future career in journalism.

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