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Concert Review: Lucy Dacus Brings Her Emotional Lyrics to Life

Not even herniated discs can stop Lucy Dacus from wowing her sold-out audience while laying on a couch with an electric performance creating an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. 

Home videos of Dacus’s childhood lit up the stage before she came out to perform, reflecting what much of the show was going to be about. Most of her setlist consisted of songs from her newest album “Home Video,” which is a very nostalgic album about growing up. 

Once she came out on stage, she immediately laid down on the couch, pulled her guitar out, and started singing, opening the show with her almost eight-minute-long song “Triple Dog Dare.” Her vocals started off very soft and her tone was magical despite her laying down. 

Even though laying on a couch did not affect Dacus’ vocals, it was not the most ideal situation with many people in the crowd not being able to see her. It would have been a good decision to put the couch on a more elevated surface. 

This unique situation gave the opportunity for people to truly focus on the music and get lost in her compelling lyrics that were heartbreaking yet hopeful at the same time. 

Dacus moved the crowd through her imaginative lyrics, telling descriptive stories that many people can relate to and connect to. 

While she performed, there were animations and photos showing behind her that reflected the stories in each song making the show more engaging. The visuals gave the audience a chance to see some of the story she was telling and even a hint as to what song she was going to sing before it began. 

Dacus performed her song “Going Going Gone” while standing up and it was the most impactful and engaging moment of the concert. The entire audience was singing the song, with Dacus even letting the crowd take the lead when it came to the chorus, bringing everyone together.

Even though there was variation in her songs, sometimes when it felt like three songs in a row sounded the same, her lyrics always distinguished the differences. 

Most songs were backed by three guitars and drums playing very lightly, with the occasional catchy, soft keyboard rift or loud, rock guitar solo. 

The songs “Brando,” “I Don’t Wanna Be Fun Anymore,” a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”, and “Kissing Lessons” all brought a nice change of pace towards the end of the concert, with all four being more upbeat and the audience dancing along. Though, it would have been nice for them to have been more spread out throughout the concert.

Dacus then switched the vibe again to close the show with a breakup song called “Night Shift.” It was initially an unexpected shift in the music, but as the song went on you realize why she chose to close with this song, despite it being one of her most popular ones. Dacus’ vocals burst through the crowd with such emotion. As it went on, the song turned a faster tempo with guitar riffs blasting and Dacus’ powerful vocals pushing through.  

Dacus’ performance showed why she sells out concert venues. Despite the unconventional performance, her vocals, lyrics and visuals were able to bring her songs to life and emotionally move the audience.  

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