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9 Sustainable and Stylish Bridal Brands for 2021

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Find your dream wedding dress without the unnecessary waste

The bridal industry notoriously creates large amounts of waste, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. Since wedding dresses are often a one-time-only outfit of your dreams, they are usually never worn again, contributing to unnecessary waste. 

With the growth of interest in sustainability, women have started to look more into sustainable options for their wedding wear, whether that be shopping for sustainably made or pre-loved wedding dresses. The rise in demand has led to more and more brands designing sustainable bridal wear. Here are nine sustainable bridal brands that you should be looking at if you want to find your dream wedding dress.

Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall is a bridal brand based in New York City that offers all types of gowns. Whether you are a boho-chic or traditional bride, you can find your gown here. Their dresses “are produced one at a time by fairly paid seamstresses” and all of their textile waste goes to The FABSCRAP Warehouse to be recycled. They carefully source their materials and focus on using natural and sustainable textiles, while trying to minimize their use of polyester. Not only that but Leanne Marshall offers to transform your gown after the big day, so you can wear it for another occasion. To shop the gowns, look on their website or visit one of their showrooms in various locations across the USA, Canada, England and Hong Kong. 


Reformation, the popular sustainable women’s clothing and accessories brand based out of Los Angeles, also offers a very stylish, affordable selection of bridal wear. Their collection includes dresses and outfits not only for brides but their bridesmaids and guests, too. Reformation’s collection covers everything from black-tie to casual weddings. Plus, in case you need any professional assistance, they have The Wedding Help Desk where you can email one of their marriage experts about sizing and shipping. 

The Own Studio

The Own Studio is a bridal shop based in London that focuses on sustainability and making each of its pieces a wardrobe staple after your wedding day. They offer a wide range of styles from gowns to jumpsuits to separates that are relaxed and versatile which make them easy to restyle. Every order they send out is delivered with restyling and alteration notes to help reimagine your wedding outfit for another occasion. A garment is only made once it’s ordered, with everything being made to measure and fabric being cut individually and by hand. For international orders, they offer a complimentary virtual consultation service to show the dress and discuss any questions the bride may have. 

Lost in Paris 

Lost in Paris is a bridal brand based out of Sydney, Australia, that takes vintage European lace and restores and refashions it into a bride’s perfect boho-chic dress. Their dresses are both handmade and crafted on century-old machines. For brides in Australia, they can borrow a sample gown to take home and try it on for free. Lost in Paris ships worldwide and they also have an atelier you can visit in Sydney to find the perfect dress. 

The Barefaced Bride

Do you want to get a dress from a specific designer or a recognized couturier label but still want it to be sustainable? The Barefaced Bride is the perfect option for that. It is an online Australian secondhand shop where you can buy a pre-loved wedding dress or where you can sell your dress after your wedding day. 

Indiebride London

Indiebride is a bohemian and vintage-inspired made to order bridal shop. Each dress is designed and handmade in London. Indiebride uses mostly natural materials like cotton, silk and ramie. Plus, they use the cutoffs to make and embellish sashes, veils and headpieces. Not only is the brand sustainable, but they also offer a very personalized service. From the moment the customer books their appointment to begin the dress-making process, they are in contact with only one person until they get their dream wedding dress.

Dressarte Paris 

Dressarte Paris is a custom order, sustainable and ethical fashion brand founded in Paris. They offer a Wedding Outfit Package where the customer can work with a designer and a stylist remotely to design their dream wedding dress. In this package, you have unlimited design revisions, virtual measurement taking, and your choice of sustainable, couture and luxurious fabrics. In the process, the first thing you do is take a quiz that asks you a few questions about your budget, sizing and preferences. From there, a designer will get in touch with you to get more recommendations, fabric options and the starting of the first design. You will continue to work with the designer until you are happy with the final product and then you will get a 3D visualization of the garment and a sample sent to you for a fitting at home. The last step is to get the garment tailored to you and then your perfect wedding dress will soon be on its way. 

Bastet Noir 

Bastet Noir is a sustainable, zero-waste clothing label based in North Macedonia. They have a small but chic collection of bridal and bridesmaids’ dresses. Every piece is custom ordered and tailor-made to the customer’s measurements. Their entire production process is very localized, so their carbon footprint is extremely low. Every garment is handmade by an artisan seamstress and all the fabrics they use are discarded materials from production factories around North Macedonia. 

The Loop

The Loop is a bridal shop based in London that sources and sells luxury designer secondhand, vintage and pre-loved wedding dresses. The Loop offers authentic clothing from brands like Valentino, Saint Laurent, and Jenny Packman, among many others. Plus, they also offer tailoring and customizing services to get the perfect look and fit. From packaging to shipping to dry cleaning, The Loop tries to be as sustainable as possible and, since they are a small company, they aim to be more and more sustainable as they grow. 

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